As of 14th March, the Royal Decree declaring a State of Alarm across Spain has come into affect.
On Lanzarote you are not able to go outside unless it is for a necessary reason. Such as going to work, seek medical assistance, buy food, medicine or essential items or to take care of people who are dependent on you. Taking care of financial or insurance matters, or walking a dog briefly, is acceptable.

Only shops selling food, pharmacies, cigarettes, IT equipment and other essential supplies are open.

All bars and restaurants are closed, and in public you are required to maintain a distance of 1 metre from other people.

Fines of €500 to €2000 can be given to people found outside without good reason.

Spanish Citizens are able to return to Spain, otherwise leisure travel to Lanzarote and other parts of Spain is not advised.

If you are an LGBT+ traveller or resident and completely stuck, use the contact us form and we will put you in touch with someone who can help or advise.

Gay Lanzarote

Welcome to Lanzarote the 'not so gay' LGBT+ holiday destination in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote Gay Guide will take you around the island with a warm and friendly atmosphere, over 16 kilometres of beaches and year-round sunshine.

Lanzarote is a great place for any type of holiday - with your partner, friends, family or just yourself.

Soak up the year-round sunshine on a beach by day; party Canarias style by night. Experience the lasting legacy left by one of the island’s greatest artists; be inspired by the active volcanoes that inspired him.

There’s something about Lanzarote, the mixture of earth, water, fire and air combine with the low-rise nature of the island to give you a more natural and rustic Canarian experience.
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Help LGBT+ Travellers

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Bar & Food Guide

Information on Punto - the gay bar in Puerto del Carmen, and others to enjoy. We also have details of Lanzarote's Michelin starred restaurants.

Beaches & Coastline

There are 97 beaches on Lanzarote. Thats over 10 per day on a week long holiday. Golden sand, darker sand, stones. Surfing and waterspouts hotspots are located around the island too. Find out which ones to head to for your perfect holiday.

Island & Culture

Find out more about how the natural landscape was created by volcanic eruptions over hundreds of years. And how César Manrique gave Lanzarote his unique identity.

Resorts & Towns

We've a rundown of the main resort towns on the island, to help you to get to know them well.

Lanzarote Weather

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Puerto del Carmen

By Lanzarote Gay Guide

Lanzarote’s largest holiday resort, Puerto Del Carmen has 6 km of golden sandy beach with an equally long promenade with shops restaurants cafés bars nightclubs and LGTB+ club