Gay Lanzarote

Welcome to Lanzarote the ‘not so gay’ LGBT+ holiday destination in the Canary Islands with a warm and friendly atmosphere, over 16 kilometres of beaches and year-round sunshine.

Bar Guide
LGBT+ friendly bars on Lanzarote and others to enjoy

There are 97 beaches on Lanzarote
Over 10 beaches a day to choose from on a weeks holiday

Restaurants & Cafés
Fish, steak, tappas…  to suit all budgets and tastes

Lanzarote is a great place for any type of holiday – with your partner, friends, family or just yourself.

Soak up the year-round sunshine on a beach; party Canarias style. Experience the lasting legacy left by one of the island’s greatest artists; be inspired by the active volcanoes that inspired him.

There’s something about Lanzarote, the mixture of earth, water, fire and air combine with the low-rise nature of the island to give you a more natural and rustic Canarian experience.

Lanzarote from Oliver Astrologo on Vimeo.