FAQ & About Us

Simon and Ric created the Lanzarote Gay Guide in August 2007 – at the time there was no information online to direct GLBT+ travellers toward gay bars, or to help with any other queries.

Since then we have conned our good friend Aaron, who appreciates Lanzarote with equal appetite, into helping to keep the website up to date. If you’d like to join in and suggest bars, beaches, places to go, things to see, or anything else Lanzarote related then please do!

We’re very aware that as three English speaking [though mostly Irish] gay men we can’t cater for everyone ourselves, and would be overjoyed if anyone from the community of GLBT+ people who appreciate Lanzarote could let us know what else we could include on the website to help others.

If we were to create an FAQ based on the emails we receive, there would be one question –


Is there a gay bath house on Lanzarote?

Sadly, the answer is no at the moment.