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Playa del Papagayo
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  • Size: Several beaches, with coves.
  • Flag: Blue
  • Take your own supplies.
  • Facilities: WC in Cafe Bar at Car Park.
  • Access via dirt track

Papagayo is actually a nature reserve, to drive into the area there is a toll payable toward the upkeep of this headland. Access to the beaches at Papagayo is via an uneven dirt road. It is fairly remote and there are no facilities on the beaches, so make sure you take some supplies with you (water & sunscreen at the very least). There is a café open daily.

The beaches at Papagayo are considered the best in Lanzarote. Although they are a challenge to reach, it is worth the journey. The area is made up of several natural beaches around the bays and coves of Punto del Papagayo. The waters are crystal clear, although some areas are not suitable for swimming.

There are six main beaches, working from East to West they are: Puerto Muelas – 130m, Caleta del Congrio – 130m, El Papagayo – 120m, La Cera – 105m, La Cruz – 320m, Caleta del Congrio – 35m, Caleton del Cobre – 40m, Mujeres – 395m, Las Coloradas – 410m.

Playa Mujeres and Las Coloradas are generally busier, as they are the largest they are the most popular with holiday makers and sun seekers. Some are used by boating trips – don’t be surprised if a catamaran drops anchor nearby.

There is a 3€ entry fee at the toll station on the dirt road. When you’ve parked up the best advice is to plan it so that you visit one beach, or a couple of neighbouring beaches, but if you do plan to change beaches it may involve a long walk.

The area is well known for cruising – although it is difficult to predict the number of people you’ll find there, it really does vary from day to day. As it’s away from the family beaches of Playa Blanca, nudism is accepted.

Don’t forget water and sun-screen – we can’t stress enough that there’s no facilities on the beaches.

Top Tip, Take a water taxi or catamaran and arrive by sea, with the wind in you hair and with a little more style, and don’t forget a Sun hat, Sun screen and bottled water.